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Staying Current with Cyber Security News

You’ll be hard pressed to find a single day where there is nothing noteworthy in cyber security news. For some, news exposure occurs only when watching a standard cable news channel or hearing stories from coworkers, friends, and family. If you are in the professional security world (or are aspiring to be one), you’ll need to get another news source to stay current, to keep your thumb on the pulse on all that is happening in the security world.

My preferred method is using an RSS feed to keep up with all the articles and website updates I follow. My RSS feed is comprised solely of cyber security related sites such as personal blogs, vendor blogs, and official notification sites, i.e. US-CERT.  Currently, I have 45 sites on my feed.  I read articles days or even weeks before my coworkers or infosec friends thanks to my feed. RSS feeds are not my only source of information, however, I find it most helpful out of all the various methods of obtaining news.

I’ve written a quick, easy guide on how to get started and provided my file of news sources to import. The end result is a fully customized news feed using Feedly on your browser or on your phone. Take a look and feel free to provide feedback! RSS-Tutorial