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Major Changes and Site Update

Why haven’t I been posting?

It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted any new content. My main focus was building up my skill set to obtain the OSCP. Life has a way of changing priorities. In the past couple months, I’ve moved twice and got a new job. Adjusting to my new life will be an interesting challenge, one that I believe will help me out in the long run. While adjusting, I’m scaling back my endeavors. Instead of pouring my time into penetration testing and the OSCP, I’ll be focusing on giving this site an update with some kind of content, tutorial or otherwise, at least once a week. I’ll be going through a lot of changes, and I want to start off on the right foot in all of them.

What direction is this site going?

I decided to write a tutorial series. Several friends have asked me what they can do to get into network security, however, a lot of online resources are purely theory based. I have plans to create hands on lab setups for them. To start, the labs will seem unrelated to security. I’m going to have write ups on how to setup various file servers, web servers, server vs client side programming, and other tutorials that I feel contain necessary knowledge to know. Getting hands on experience actually configuring and understanding certain technologies sets you apart from all those who settled for learning basic theory. My goal is to have enough lab content to be a valuable resource to my friends. I want them to be able to have practical knowledge in addition to their theory learning, such as certifications like Network+ or free resources like Cybrary,.

How is this site being received?

Surprisingly, I have received a large amount of views in the past month, much more than I thought the content warranted. Over time, I would like to justify the view count. I hope that this blog can be a resource for myself, my friends, and any interested readers out there.

What can I do now?

I have to plan out the labs and get them rolled out a week at a time, but in the meantime, feel free to ensure your news feed is up and running by using Feedly. Want to get into cyber security? This is the best first start.