Cyber Security

AlienVault OSSIM: Installation and Configuration

Learn how to create a working SIEM in a home lab environment using completely free software.

Anthony Isherwood

1 minute read

Welcome to my course on AlienVault’s Open Source Security Incident and Event Management system! During this course, you’ll learn how to install and configure an OSSIM lab from start to finish. OSSIM provides a pretty impressive feature set for a free product:

eJPT Review

A review of eLearnSecurity's Junior Penetration Tester certification.

Anthony Isherwood

7 minute read

When going onto the course page, you’ll see three tiers for the program at various pricing. First, you’ll see the barebones plan, which isn’t purchasable. You can easily get a voucher for this plan for free. I got mine by following the /r/netsecstudents subreddit. It may take some time, but the elearn staff frequently post links to keys on this sub. Alternatively, you could always send them an email and hope for the best. This plan gives you access to the slides and (more…