And About Me

I’ve been in the security industry for a couple of years now working in various roles from SOC analyst, to Incident Responser, to SIEM engineer and running vulnerability management programs. While I have many fulfilling job responsibilities, my biggest passion is technical security, specifically offensive security through penetration testing and red teaming. Sometimes after working on defense all day, learning offense is incredibly refreshing. I always push myself to take on new projects and learn new skills to better myself.

I also find great enjoyment teaching people technical skills and helping them with their careers. To further these ends, I’ve started creating courses for people to gain practical, technical skills they can put on their portfolio. My first course is hosted on on installing and configuring a SIEM. Over time, I hope to release several more courses designed to be great additions to anyones technical portfolio. Course suggestions are always appreciated. Feel free to send me an email via the contact page!

A Life Secured is the culmination of what I enjoy. As I learn new skills, technologies, and grow in my own career, I want to help others reach their goals and fullest potential. I’m creating this platform to write my thoughts and smaller tutorials via blog-esque posts, while also giving a home to the courses I create. I want this platform to be a great reference for those looking to break into cyber security, learn new skills, or sharpen what they already know.