Review Contest: eLearnSecurity

Update post! I participated in the eLearnSecurity review contest! I referenced my post here, and I won a grand prize! I get to pick any security course offering elite plan, free of charge! I’m still deciding, however, I will most likely take the eCPPT as my next certification. I’m hoping that this will increase my skill set and make me a better cyber security professional. Once I get started with the course, I’ll be posting updates as well as a comprehensive review once I pass.

My life has taken quite a dramatic change in the past couple of months. Originally, I was planning on creating content and tutorials on a regular basis, however since that posting, I started a new job with a new company. I’m going to try and be a bit more realistic with my content, ensuring that I don’t write content for the sake of content itself.

Instead of trying to pump out blog articles and tutorials, I’m going to just take a step back while I get my eCPPT. During this time, I might write more on technical things I enjoy rather than only posting penetration testing content. We’ll see how the blog progresses over time. Stay tuned! Any tutorials or updates I make will have a corresponding blog page to accompany it.