Site Introduction

Welcome to my cyber security blog! Originally, I set this up to give my thoughts on cyber security related news. I work as an Incident Response Analyst in the nuclear industry, and I always keep myself up to date on news and happenings in the cyber security world. In this field, news is always coming out at a rapid pace. In any given week, we can find articles on large reaching vulnerabilities, major breaches in large companies, innovative vendor appliances, shifts in governmental policy, and a whole host of other content. The cyber security industry is quite dynamic and fascinating to keep tabs on. My goal with this blog was to create an introspective look into cyber security news on a weekly basis. My priorities and interests in this regard, however, have shifted.

While doing some self-inspection, I decided to instead emphasize more focus on technical writing and tutorials. I’ll still be blogging, but the content will be sporadic and based more upon my life and technical pursuits. To start, a large amount of my content will be based on my penetration testing pursuits. I’m currently enrolled in the eJPT (Junior Penetration Tester) certification by eLearnSecurity. This series of posts will be entitled “Path to Pentesting: eJPT”. Stay tuned for a second post on the eJPT series, the training material, and my plans on writing tutorials.

I’ll be rolling out tutorials and posts on a weekly basis. Feel free to browse the content I have currently. As always, any questions or feedback can be given via my contact page. Comments on this site have been globally disabled. Fun fact, my default WordPress install had comment boxes vulnerable to cross-site scripting. I decided to just do away with them altogether.