A Life Secured in 2019

Not just for my resume

Anthony Isherwood

3 minute read


This site as originally made to help give me that extra kick for my resume. A place that would differentiate me from others. I only really posted thoughts that I felt were relevant to my career. This mentality created a pretty stale website.

I’ve grown quite a bit since the first iteration of this site a couple years ago. When I first created this site, I was driven to push my career as quickly as I could. Fast forward a couple years, and I’ve found a job I enjoy, I got married, and I feel much more happy with the balance I’ve found in life.

So here I am typing my first post in months. Planning out the next stage and iteration of A Life Secured.


I’m going to write more about me and my approach to life. Network security will still be a large piece of the content, but it won’t be the sole focus. To start, I’m going to re-categorize my posts. You can also expect to see posts about vastly different topics. I’ll be breaking out every post into the following categories;

  • Career
  • Cyber Security
  • Health
  • Wellness

These categories are fairly broad, but I believe they’ll work for the majority of what I plan to post. I might add in a “Misc” category in the future for one off posts that might not exactly fit, but here’s what you can expect out of each:


This will involve posts that aren’t highly technical, but are meant to promote career development or others thoughts related to the good ol’ 9-5. Over the past couple of years, I’ve helped a good number of people get further in their career or perhaps think a little differently about a certain subject. I find myself repeating the same information with each new person I talk to. This will be my attempt to immortalize my advice so I can use it as a solid reference piece.


Network Security is my day job and a field I am very passionate about. This will come through in my posts on penetration testing, blue teaming, tutorials, and random musing on the industry.


I’m a fairly health conscious person. I mostly eat clean, work out, and highly enjoy researching nutrition and “hacking” my body. I’m by no means certified in anything I write about in Health (and I’ll write a disclaimer on any controversial topics), but I do believe I have a solid foundation of knowledge that might be able to help some people. While I’m sure a lot of what I post might be elsewhere on the Internet, sometimes a consolidated source of information is handy.


Wellness is the most amorphous topic of the bunch. This is were I’ll write any thoughts I have on topics that are more emotional in nature. While I’m a very driven person, life isn’t always about maxing out your potential. That’s how you end up burned out and alone. Humans need some semblance of a social life, entertainment, and hobbies. Will learning how to play an instrument help you with your career? Probably not. Won’t that time be better spent working on something that will help you make more money? Not always.

I try my best to have a good balance in life. As the phrase goes, “Everything in moderation” holds true in most cases.

Hopefully this gives anyone reading a good idea of what to expect. Feel free to let me know if anyone has any feedback or request!